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Recursos para desarrolladores

Blackboard Learn provides resources for developers on Help, Behind the Blackboard, and EduGarage. When extending your environment, keep the following links available for reference:

Setting Up

If you are setting up your development environment for Building Block development you will find useful information under the Building Blocks Getting Started section of Developer Resources. If you are getting started developing Web Services for Blackboard Learn you may be interested in the Web Services Getting Started section of Developer Resources.

Building Blocks

Building Blocks allow you to plug additional capabilities into the product (such as in the course control panel or user tools areas) and can appear as new portal modules, as custom content types, and as links throughout many areas of the product user interface.

Building Blocks API and Web Services Specifications and Changes


Blackboard Learn ships with native support for a variety of authentication mechanisms. The Blackboard authentication APIs are also available for custom central authentication and single sign-on configurations.

SIS Integration

Blackboard Learn can integrate with virtually any Student Information System (SIS) via a variety of batch-driven and event-driven capabilities. Additionally, the integration APIs are documented for custom integrations.

Web Services

Web services allow you to remotely connect to Blackboard Learn using virtually any programming language of your choosing. Blackboard Learn ships with instructions for accessing the web services using Java and .NET.

Web Services

Proxy Tools

Proxy Tools allow learning tools hosted externally to Blackboard Learn to appear tightly integrated into the course environment. Proxy Tools allow new models of connecting learning tools across institutions and systems.

Mashups and Macros

Mashups and macros (also referred to as template variables) can be used throughout the product to dynamically render course content just about everywhere the content editor is used.

Themes Showcase

Match your organization's look, feel, and language with custom themes, CSS modification, and language packs.